Fumigation and Pest Control

Thailand is a country that produces large amounts of grains and other agricultural product for domestic consumption and export to countries worldwide. Fumigation treatments are utilized to ensure optimal quality of the product prevent damage on stored product by pests.

Fumigation of export commodities is essential not only because there is the potential for insect infestations in export shipments that damage Thailand's reputation as an exporter and supplier of quality products, but also because it is a requirement for quarantine entry to the destination country.

SGT has the professional, skilled and licensed fumigators to provide this services.

Today, fumigation has changed rapidly, especially in Australia and Europe, and we are always up to date with new regulations, requirement and procedures to comply with market demands.

Fumigation is a procedure used worldwide that creates a treatment environment which retains a sufficient concentration of fumigant gas for a sufficient exposure time period to eradicate infestations.

Both exposure time period and concentration are crucial factors in the efficiency of fumigation.

Commonly used fumigants in Thailand are Methyl Bromide, Aluminium Phosphide, Ec02Fume and Carbon Dioxide.

There are many types of fumigation and methods currently active are listed below.

• Container Fumigation

• Silo Fumigation

• Ship Fumigation

• Warehouse Fumigation

• Production Line Fumigation

• Wooden Pallet & Packaging Material Fumigation