Shipping Fumigation

Fumigation on board a ship involves the treating of empty or fully loaded holds, and certain areas within the ship structure such as workhouses, galleys and ship's provision stores that may pose a cross infestation risk to the cargo during sea transportation.

SGThas well trained and skilled personnel for fumigation of import and export cargoes on board ocean going vessels. Each year we fumigate huge quantity of rice, tapioca, yellow maize, wheat, beans and other bagged or bulk commodities on vessels ranging in size from 1,000 metric tons up to 70,000 metric tons.

Treatment has been carried out with fumigants such as Methyl Bromide, Aluminium Phosphide and Ec02Fume.

SGT also has the teams of technical experts to carry out in-transit fumigation of bulk cargoes with on board recirculation systems that ensure an even concentration of the fumigant throughout the entire cargo space. This system is considered to be the most advanced technology in on board bulk cargo fumigation, and ensures an effective and efficient fumigation that uses less phosphine gas fumigant.