Silo Fumigation

Silo fumigation systems are an essential and a low cost fumigation solution for insect eradication in bulk grain. Recirculation systems may also be utilized to promote rapid and even distribution of fumigant throughout the grain mass. Bulk commodities stored in large silos require this fumigation system to meet the high standard protocols set by each organization.

The fumigants used for this treatment are Aluminium phosphide or Eco2Fume.

The gas tightness of a silo is essential for a successful treatment, therefore silos to be fumigated, shall be sealed appropriately to ensure retention of fumigant gas for the entire fumigation exposure time period. The consequences of treatment failure and repeated fumigations in unsealed silos will most certainly lead to a significant increase in the numbers of insects that are highly resistant to the effects of the fumigant.

During fumigation, regular monitoring of the fumigant concentration inside the silo is absolutely essential in ensuring a successful fumigation.

At the end of a fumigation period, ventilation of the fumigant should be done carefully to ensure that all the fumigant gas has completely escaped (to) the atmosphere and the area is safe for working.