Wooden Pallet & Packaging Material Fumigation

Most of the grains are stored long term in bagged and bulk grain storages. In the case of bagged grains, they are usually piled up as stacks in a warehouse where insect infestation and the resultant deterioration of grain quality is a common and persistent problem which can only be effectively managed through correctly applied stack fumigations.

Fumigation under tarpaulin sheeting provides a relatively gas tight enclosure suitable for fumigation. The edges of the sheets are sealed by using sand snakes or adhesive tape to ensure good retention of the fumigant.

Fumigation and pest control of cargoes within a warehouse is beneficial not only for protecting the goods in storage, but also preventing cross infestation to other warehouses in the logistics operation. So the effective fumigation of grain can safeguard the supply chains as well as food chains.

SGT is ready to provide the fumigation and pest control in your warehouses to protect and maintaining the quality of the commodities therein.