We are the distributor of quality fumigation related products for clients across the globe, for example, we sell fumigation sheet to clients in Australia. We also distribute world-class fumigation equipment, such as the Fumiscope for methyl bromide monitoring, the Beijing Liangmao phosphine generator, and the Silo Chek for phoshine monitoring. Other fumigation products are available upon your needs
Methyl Bromide 98% Methyl Bromide 100% Aluminium Phosphide (CHINA) Aluminium Phosphide (Phostoxin)
Magnesium Phosphide (MAGTOXIN) Degesch Plate Aluminium Phosphide (Brazil) Sachet Bifenthrin
Pheromone Cypermethrin Co2 Fumiscope
Halide Detector Lamp Plastic bag (22 mm thickness) เครื่องมือวัดค่าแก๊ส PH 3 / MB Gasoline can ( 4.5 liters)
Dispenser Vaporizer Gas Mask Sand Snake
Fumigated Fabric Cover (0.05 mm Thinkness) Fumigated Fabric Cover (0.08 – 0.3 mm Thinkness) PVC Cover (0.25 mm , 0.50 Thinkness) Connector / ข้อต่อตรง สำหรับสารรมยา MB.
Filter for PH3 and CH3 (MB) Fogging Equipment Marking Tape Oil Cleaning Cloth
Cotton Bag Fabric Gloves / ถุงมือผ้า Hose for fumigated in container Hose for fumigated in vessel
Blank Sand Snake