Corporate Profile
SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the professional Thai′s Superintendent who can facilitate your import and export business,
keep your products
infestation-free and help you take full advantages of BOI′s benefits (Board of Investment). Our SGT team is always ready to serve all your needs and would be your trustworthy solution provider. With our long experiences over decades plus the high qualified staffs and our internal code of ethic, "SGT Services" could serve you all aspects of your need for trading which has included
Agricultural Inspection Services
BOI Inspection Services
Fumigation Services
Cars & Trucks Inspection of Weed Services before Export
Fumiscope Calibration Services
Lashing and Packing Services before exportation
Procurement for fumigants and related fumigation equipment
Merchandising wooden products, furniture and decorations
SGT Management’s Vision
SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is Thai Leading Service Provider Company with the world class quality service’s standard. Our mission to stakeholders is beyond the projects and profit like the other common business organizations, since we have considered the benefits of customers, nation and people is the essential one. We do perform our works in the effective and efficiency ways to buildup customer’s confident especially in term of inspection of goods under OCS (Office of Commodities Standard) for example, the rice inspection service, the inspection of imported raw materials for BOI and fumigation services.
Moreover, we have also searched for the new innovative products to use in our services and maximize our productivity as well as lower cost for customer, organization and our nation. Being as service provider organization and governmental representative in goods inspection services, we do commit to be a part of proud for Thailand to those importing countries that we have inspected and fumigated their cargo as our service is trustworthy under our Quality Policy and Key Performance Indicator to be complied in accordance to our management’s vision.
Mrs. Kulsiyanee Chansomboon
Managing Director
SGT’s core Values are
1. Integrity and Ethics
- We conduct with honesty and fairness to all clients.
- We keep our promise on our services/ follow through the contract.
- Every operation will perform with standard procedure.
- Preserve confidentiality of business and personal information of all customers.
- Respect to nature of customer’s tradition and condition.
- Training on health and safety regularly arrange at least twice a year.
2. Impartiality and Independence
- We are professional independence organization which present unbiased consulting
- The results of our report are carefully recorded with accuracy and reliability via our certified staffs.
3. Fairness and Respect
– All customers will treat equally
– We respect to all customer requirement and try to maximize satisfaction by deliver reliable services.
– We are the organization that never concern with discrimination on the basis of nationality, ethnic, religious and political beliefs.
4. Environment Responsibility
– As the organization concern with chemical, we aware of the impact cause from our activities to community.
– We cooperate to policy of Department of Agriculture of Thailand to reduce fumigant that effect to environment.

SGT’s Compliance Programme

1. Integrity

SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. operates in a professional, independent and impartial manner in all its activities. SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. carries out its work honestly and shall not tolerate any deviation from its approved methods and procedures. Where approved test methods make provision for tolerances in results, the Member shall ensure that such tolerances are not abused to alter the actual test findings. SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. reports data, test results and other material facts in good faith and shall not improperly change them, and shall only issue reports and certificates that correctly present the actual findings, professional opinions or results obtained.

2. Conflicts of interest
SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. avoids conflicts of interest with any related entity in which it has a financial or commercial interest and to which it is required to provide services. SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. avoids conflicts of interest between the Member’s companies and/or divisions engaged in different activities but which may be providing services to either the same client or each other. SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ensures that its employees avoid conflicts of interest with the activities of the company.
3. Confidentiality and Data Protection
SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. treats all information received in the course of the provision of its services as business confidential to the extent that such information is not already published, generally available to third parties or otherwise in the public domain.
4. Anti-bribery
SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. prohibits the offer or acceptance of a bribe in any form, including kickbacks on any portion of a contract payment. SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. prohibit the use of any routes or channels for provision of improper benefits to, or receipt of improper benefits from, customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, or employees of any such party, or government officials.
5. Fair Business Conduct
SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. only presents itself and conduct marketing, including any comparisons with or references to competitors or their services, in a manner that is truthful and not deceptive or misleading or likely to mislead.
6. Health and Safety
SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. maintains health and safety standards that meet the laws and regulations of Thai Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Public Health.
7. Fair Labor
SGT Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. complies with the minimum wage requirement and other applicable wage and working time laws and regulations of Thai Ministry of Labor. Also, we prohibit of child labor and forced labor. We provide equal opportunities in the workplace and have zero tolerance of abuse, bullying or harassment in the workplace.
Our help line number for Compliance Officer: 098-463-5636 / Email: We will keep case of report confidential and there will not suffer demotion, penalty or any other adverse consequences arising from strict implementation of the Program even if it may result in a loss of business.