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Detail :

Measure the concentration of methyl bromide gas using a digital system in accordance with AQIS standards.

Product Details:
• The gas concentration measured is displayed as a numerical value on the device.
• Measure gas concentration within the range of 0-999 OZ/F3 or gm/m3
• Accuracy in reading gas concentration of no more than ±5%
• A pump for gas sampling installed inside the device.
• Possible to adjust the airflow rate into the machine from 0 to 2 cubic feet per minute.
• There is a "Zero Adjust" button for calibration.
• Hose connection has a maximum inner diameter of 4.7625 mm.
• Inside the product box, you will find:
- The calibrated device with a calibration sticker attached.
- 1 black power cord for connecting to household electricity.
- User manual
Product Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase.